PhotoLog; my own Exhibition, “Oneness”

I thought over the word, “picturesque,” which was used in early 19C when photograph was born and used as the samples for paintings; how can I make this word reborn? I tried many kinds of moquettes and reached this work, “Oneness“, I didn’t mention this on my exhibition, but here to say that I took pictures with referencing paintings around middle 17C in Europe, because in this era suddenly (or we might be able to say it was supposed to be) painters’d started drawing their own lives, not the icons. Before that most of paintings were about icons or stories of bibles. But there, different. I believe these paintings should be the most “picturesque.” So these my own works were done after those.
Also this shift topics from icons to their lives can be in concert with my theme; transforming of ideology and politics, from socialism to capitalism in 1989. I hanged this below text on my exhibition;

<Imagine the world is made from all white pieces of jigsaws. Actually those pieces colored in gradation are standing without any orders; random, each one has the same face, but on standing next to others, we can’t help accept they’re different.

I walked around the countries, which once they’d adopted Socialism and have this fact as their history.
What I saw there were ordinary scenes. Naturally they enjoyed shopping like us, and anywhere of their lives I could see the used-to-see scenes. Scenery as if in Japan we can’t help feeling it’s too natural.
What is different is only faces and accents of them. The breath of their culture there. These differences might be just felt those we can’t tell. I felt their lives were so beautiful, in which people now run with the each history and culture.>(You can also read this text here;