Asian Today

It’s said that the world is getting smaller and smaller. This reference is not for the scale or distance, but for shortening time. Exchange of information and movement is getting so easier that we can go anywhere if we’d go.

I went around Asian countries and walked around various cities.

The scene which I saw in the towns and cities I spent my time was very similar to ones I live and spend my lifetime in Japan. It means that scene of any cities similar to that of Tokyo, and I thanked this comfort there. However, the more cities I visit and spent my time there, the more I got confused; “What does it mean and is happening in the world”?
“Similar”is to be “different”. So whenever I faced to the similar things there, I could find the differences remained in those culture. Though they reminded me that it’s the difference of culture or countries, I still could notice a strong vector that is the same one to that of Tokyo. It made me feel sad.
The more and faster time runs above the cities, the more their scape gets similar.
Guess “if the TRADITION and MODERN is the opposite idea”. If so, as Japan came through tho way, those Asian cities should be in the stream they’re changing their surfaces.
However, if “journey” includes the meeting quite different cultures… Is it arrogant to feel it sad?
The shapes of cities in the world are turning into the same one gradually, It’s true.
Nobody knows we’d be thus. Neither, all don’t know if it is good or bad.Just only the faces of cities are changing into the one type and leave some vague incongruousness in our heart, though, it must not be realized and will disappear.

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