Once: Past-Future tense/ vol.2



Near the coast of Sobe in Yomitan vill., Okinawa.(Through the Google Map Street View)



At first, in the morning on April 1st, they had landed.

They would kill and rob everything from us. Before things happened, we’d better die in mass suicide.

Is that correct as thoughts of people at that time? – I wonder. We all can’t understand what they’d felt or thought truly because our ideology is quite different from that of them. What we can find are the fact some people actually killed each other in their abri, and the scenery very far away from those at that time.

From this coast the U.S. army had landed. Very few attacks had been put by Japanese military unit. Some citizens had gotten panics, others had turned themselves in the U.S.. After those, battles had started southern from here.

Those are the fact.

But what we can see is the calm lives and beautiful view. We must guess what occurred to them all, both sides, on April 1945.