Once: Past-Future tense/ activity log(20161204)

On 4 Dec. 2016, Visited some places;

Yonabaru(26°12’05.9″N 127°45’14.9”E)
Near TSUTAYA Yonabaru Shop(26°11’54.8″N 127°44’46.0”E): This place was called Oak Hill. 24th May 1945 they broke through.

県営大里団地(Ozato Apartment houses) (26°10’43.1″N 127°44’43.0”E): 2nd June 1945
Duck(26°11’03.9″N 127°44’16.4”E): 26th May 1945
Back of Hakugin Hospital (26°08’07.5″N 127°40’12.4”E): 10th June 1945, they broke through, and after this attack, the U.S. troops began to make inroads into Itman area.