Once: Past-Future tense/activity log(20161211)

On 11 Dec, 2016
Visited some places;
Truya, Itoman City(26°07’58.4″N 127°40’42.8″E)
Kuniyoshi Ridge, Itoman City(26°07’22.5″N 127°40’42.2″E): at this place a hard battles was fought between 12 to 16 June 1945. After US troops broke through this ridge, Japanese army and people suffered catastrophic damage.
Shiraume no Tou(26°06’59.1″N 127°41’10.6″E): See details here.(in Japanese only)
Yamagata no Tou(26°06’55.4″N 127°41’08.8″E): See details here. (in Japanese only)
Nunumachi Gama Cave(26°08’08.8″N 127°44’35.0″E): See details here. You can check pictures of this cave.
Aburachi Gama Cave(26°09’17.9″N 127°45’48.9″E): See details here.

Many stories are taught to Japanese people, such as that many Americans burned and bombed the caves which citizens had been hiding, or that Americans had killed and robbed all. But I don’t think these stories are the comprehensive ways of understanding this war. Of course Japanese people had killed many Americans there, and we have to imagine how Americans felt at that time; from above Americans’ head, Japanese had shot and bombed Americans climbing up the hill.

At last of the day, we visited Itokazu Castle Ruins(26°09’06.2″N 127°45’45.2″E). The view from the top of the hill, calm and beautiful.