Born in 1985 in Tochigi, Japan.
2007-: Works as Photographer and WebDesigner.

2014/Master of Business Administration, Yokohama National University
2012/Bachelor of Buisiness, Yokohama National University
2007/Associate of Photography, Nippon Photography Institute Collage

2006 "River Series" at Konica Minolta, PhotoPremio in Shinjuku
2009 "Asian Today" at Nikon Salon, in Shinjuku and Osaka
2012 "Oneness" at Nikon Salon in Shinjuku and Osaka(in Osaka; 2013 Mar.)
2017 "枯野(Withering Field)" at Sokyusha in Shinjuku
2018 "常盤樹(Evergreen)" at Sokyusha in Shinjuku

2011 "Lines of Sight" at AXIS GALLERY in Roppongi
2016 "Lines of Sight" at Olympus GALLERY in Shinjuku
2017 "海外フィールドワーク写真展 2006~2017" at APU in Oita
2018 "BAUM! vol.0 “Shapes of Memento”" at LeDeco in Shibuya


- April 22, 2019

It was suddenly overseas businesses #trip , though, #fortuitously could come the #ancient #capital , #florence… https://t.co/2tkccmVooy
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- April 14, 2019

The #snow in Spring with #cherryblossom , it’d be the last chance to see them in this year. Near #fujisan… https://t.co/ioyM9KkxSg
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- March 18, 2019

#sunset time, we went to tell about our son to my mother under the grave. #winter #graveyards #family… https://t.co/ZBubLJIv4r
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- February 9, 2019

Now visiting Ueno, although snowy weather people are enjoying their holiday. #peaceful #winter #ueno #tokyo #japan… https://t.co/cgEC5Sq2l9
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