River Series Script

When one go and come between a local-town and a capital city, they might feel somewhat strange. The rice-fields country and the concrete-city. Not only building, but parks, roads and even rivers. I felt them as if they were not they. And this perception interest me in the difference and relation between cities and countrysides, the human and the nature.
Precisely, what is ‘Nature’ ?Is it things or places without any traces of human? Beautiful woods? Sky? The earth? The more I thought over, got confused. I can’ t forget only the image of the huge scale, that the water of river flowed from Tochigi. and it runs and draws the long and long map and then goes through Tokyo. finally flows down in to the sea.
I visited rivers, walked along them, and saw the scenes: Tokyo, Saitama, Tochigi. lbaraki, Chiba, Gumma, Kanagawa, and Niigata. The more rivers I visited or gazed, The more clearly I figured out every river was made by ‘Nature’ , regardless off that there were human’s traces or not. I started to consider Rivers in both countrysides and cities are the ‘Nature’ . Also I mean human are the part of ‘nature, because we’ re Lives. So In this meaning, both are the beautiful natural scenery.