Review of “Caché”(on 25 Jan.)

I’ve seen “Caché”, by Michael Haneke, which Takeshi Arthur Thornton recommended. I bought this DVD and today I got it.
This movie makes me think over the matter of privacy and problems between France and Algeria… It’s so meaningful and interesting, and very good subject matter to understand the affair in Algeria this January…
It was the movie my prof recommended before, though, a woman also did so, I bought it through the web, And I got it on 25th jan. and watched it. Here I write down what I thought below;

At first I got confused which I saw the movie of one scene or the one of the video in the movie while I was watching. I wondered if I was watching a movie or monitor somebody’s life. The camerawork asked us what like it is to take a movie and record. And it made us think over why we got afraid of being seen or monitored by somebody.
The story is never sentimental. Whole 2 hours. So there’s no moving and left some not-good feelings. It’s neither the movie which I can see with eating nor the one which we wanna see with lover. But it forced me keep watching; ’cause was so strong.
He got too much doubts, fear and impatience, and explored the discrimination against Algerian. Even though the man was gentle and correct, that that he’d got through his life runs over under such a situation. I wondered if I also have it, and got fear. Maybe. The words”calm down” was the most upset words. I have to say it to me.
In this one year I learned the problem of immigrant in France and the republican institutions a bit, so that my point of view might be from those kinds of problem. I think the Algerian in this movie was not a typical immigrant, who isn’t so pious but accepted the republican institution of France. Though he had the nationality origin, he is an immigrant.
There’s a society that Those who are treated like that by others, and the bottom of the problem keep remaining. I think we, Japan also has. Korean, Chinese or more many foreigners in Japan live around us, and those situation we can imagine.

By the way the Japanese title of this movie is not correct, I think. It was translated to “Hidden memory,” but is it the story of “memory? [Caché(Hidden)] is rather a camera than somebody’s memory. I think the hero was not people but the camera, which haven’t appeared at all.

「Caché」(Michael Haneke)é_(film)