PhotoLog: Ota Akihiko’s Exhibition, “blown’ the wind”

At Osaka Nikon Salon 3/14-3/20

“Seasons come appeared on your pictures.”
What my teacher told me before, when I was led by him while making my first work, titled “River Series”, occurred to my mind. Mr. Ota Akihiko’s photographs present us the running of time in the village through the season; from spring, to summer, fall and winter. Last time there were some pictures that insist too much, though, this time it was made into one that shows people there have a lifetime with seasons of nature.

His theme is “marginal villages.” Nowadays, it’s too dangerous to say in short about this problem which includes those of aging of population and depopulation around country-sides in Japan; maybe all over the world, though, he understands it too much and try telling something through his work. On photographs actually we can see the lifetime of people, evidences of buildings or something abandoned, and the scenes of nature. He told me that he hopes this work would be the chance to know this topic for many people.

He really thinks over about many things. With this idea, I can’t help considering this exhibition too meaningful. I’m sure those evidences tell us the history of the village and make us imagine the future. In this point, this exhibition can be said “Successful.”
In addition, only seeing those pictures, I can feel another meaning; there’re plants in Shimane, south-west of Japanese main land, people’s lives, and we can’t help understanding that he really thinks about our “lives.” And he loves them, whole of the village, so those “trivial” happiness there shine. If we put the word, “love,” we might take this term very banal, but on those portrait and snaps there’re lushness I can’t describe all, and it might be his emotion to them.
These “trivial” happiness are in danger of ruins around the village- I really wanna go around the country side in Japan.