PhotoLog : “cynthia”, Fujimori Megumi Exhibition

White gallery, white dark. These phrases occurred to me while I was at the exhibition.
Each photograph is polaroid picture nostalgic and sentimental with something she gazed and touched in her own life. Snow scenery or daily life she took up and ordered them here cooly, though, some of them put together in a frame, so she made us not to feel nothing. Each affected another and tried making meanings or cords. What I really liked best of all was the abstract one which denied every meaning even includes her feelings, but which had so beautiful cord that feelings might seem to overflow.
“Abstract” makes students studying photography mention huge social theme, love, peace, or something banality like those, but here I didn’t mean such things; I meant philosophy, harmony of sounds, or a face on color. What we can’t make the footage of.
We, she and I told below.
Photography can treat only things very concrete, so we need this stance. And I found her pictures had them in a sharpened way.