PhotoLog : “thetis”, Fujimori Megumi Exhibition

After taking a part in the competition, a kind of portfolio review, I dropped by the exhibition, ’cause I was so impressed at her previous exhibition, “cynthia,” that it made me write its log here before.
In new exhibition, there were some pictures which I’ve seen there before; this new work would be the sequel. But also there were some new, different images from those one. Those new images made me remind images by Tillmans or some avantgarde artists. But I don’t think she meant those impression, but just that she took pics around her and her life. This mixture of genres of images might have some people feel strange or anxious, or others feel excited(for me, the former, I can say).

I wanna describe the way of exhibiting, too. She hang a massive amount of polaroid pieces disordered but formally on the wall. I remembered the french artist,Christian Boltanski. Huge amount of images would chill our will to gaze each one by one and to remember details, but force us to have a certain distance from the wall and see those some images together. And those groups of images can’t be decided because they aren’t ordered in block but continual in one long wall. Artist must control which groups would make people feel this or that, and infer how they feel from those walls.

Each images are so impressive, though, whole impression was not so strong. Just disappearing with the white light of the gallery. I felt those with visiting there.