‘Asian Today’と、プロジェクト’Faces of Cities’に関する覚え書き

6.26.2011 on twitter

Now what I wanna think over is that about ex-Socialism Nationals including former Soviet Union.

Some might say that “it’s autoptical”, “everybody knows such a thing” or anything else like those, though, seeing this situation that Liberal Capitalism is spreading to the world with Globalization, I’m getting to wanna see it more carefully. It’s because of my temperament, isn’t it?

To be honest, I don’t like the Christian thought. But it doesn’t mean that I hate all of Christians. Of course I have a lot of friends who believe in Christianity, and it’s natural. I don’t care what my friends believe in. In the same way, I have “?” to the ideology of the Liberal Capitalism thought. But I don’t mean I hate people, companies and organizations that is under this thought.
In a meeting with Ms. M, we happened to talk about religion and consciousness, and I said that I think Christ, Jewish, Islam, Buddhism, Shinto, Taoism, Confucianism and almost every religion on the same level, so nothing is superior. Everything is as bad as everything, also as good as everything. Nothing is perfect.

But, for me, Only Animism is quite different: I really respect this thought. only this religion, the thought is different from the roots: Which is precious, people or this planet.

These thought we learned before studying the western philosophy at my high-school, the guiding principle was so brilliant: all of the western philosophy have their roots on the earth of Christian thought.

By the way, let’s return to the story of Capitalism.
I thought we must notice Socialism was born on the ground of Capitalism, and if this theory was orthodox as a theory, why it failed? The Capitalism only was correct?–I wanted to think over about them.
Usually the textbooks in Japan said the reason why the socialism failed was the tyranny. When I was a high school student, I thought vaguely there were some countries without tyranny… Actually the political decay might have occurred, at least without a hard tyranny: Bulgaria.
In the history of Bulgaria, we can know there were decays or tyrannies, but they were stopped before the socialism failed. I was impressed that the people didn’t knock down the government, but it self-destructed.


Then in the truth, what happened?–it was my feeling. And I could ask these question to the man who lived at those days in real time. It was so good experience.

We shouldn’t forget that Globalization culture, Capitalism, Liberalism and Socialism were all born on the ground of the western Europe.

Last time around I saw and thought was those in the Asia.
This time around I saw and think over is those in the ex-Socialism Nations.






歴史を見れば、腐敗はあった。暴政もあった。しかし、暴政は国を倒す機運の時期よりずっと昔。国を倒した、というより、国が自壊した、という印象が強い。 http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ブルガリア人民共和国