From tweets on 23 Aug. 2010

The more and more I go around Japan, the more and more things get established in some parts. There’s very little difference of culture among each of the area, cities or towns. So I can never feel the dynamic emotion which I feel when going across the border between countries abroad. But I wanna say that it’s the allure to travel inside. To find the edge of their little difference with gazing and touching them is the act to meet the pride in this country. To find the common elements with facing is the act to know the one in my own as a Japanese. Often pride is taken as a wrong emotion, though, we can’t live without it. I think it’s the good point but also weakest one of Japan that not each individual but all together in one community had enhanced this pride.

And in the depopulation town I can’t help feeling that the culture of that own controls themselves.

I really love the scene of the video recorded by Ebinoki, in the story book “The memory of seasons” by Kazushi Hosaka(『季節の記憶』保坂和志). It’s so nice if I can make a work like that video, ’cause A. Sander would consider his work so. Each individual stands out in bold relief.
The reason why I really got absolutely enchanted by the thick green woods is not only to have read this book, but I grew up in the country side. What I think with seeing the scenery in Japan, is that the more and more we leave from cities and get close to country sides the better and better people do get along with Nature. It’s opposite to foreign countries. Japanese don’t like to “conquer” the Nature, I guess. The fear to the act of conquering. So people respect the Nature, and look for the way to be given the privilege of living together.
Exactly Japanese have been really unskillful to conquer others.
But Japanese have been good at keeping with others. So people had a great regard for Unity, and made unique culture; “nail sticking up ready to be hammered” or “ostracisim.”
 That’s why I came around here to see “Japan”, such as towns with only a desolate station or very far from stations or highways.
I feel ill at ease to live in Tokyo, Yokohama, somewhere like them, not because I grew up in the local small town, but because there’s very few cultural bastions. Cozy town or city have their own tradition, for example temples, shrines, festival and so on, and I can feel i’m in Japan. And they’re not alone at all, ’cause it’s Japan.
I like Japanese who like everything.
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