PhotoLog : Went to see the exhibition of “Future Light Project”

Went to see the exhibition of the project by my alma mater, “Future Light Project.”
(I really like this project’s name, don’t you think so?)

So writing what I thought below;

While I was on the train from Yokohama to Shibuya, I was wondering the question; what photography can deal or act as.
Recently photography is getting the important matter in art, in this situation the fine art such as paintings or sculptures take it in them as a kind of their works. Not in a larger category, but in a smaller one the possibility of photography is being expanded. And these days I watched and thought those kinds of works, so I could feel fresh to touch their “reality” or “strength of their meaning.” Exactly I was on their side and now so on, I think, though.

Nowadays photos are used in so many situation; ads, ceremonies, press, playing, education or various scene, so the meaning of the way that we exhibit them is getting more important.
Most use digital cameras, we can right-click to copy them, and can copy&paste with Control+C,+V now. Photos and movies are only very common and dull for us; it’s getting much more necessary to have experience in the exhibitions.

As thought like above, the main one was on 5F, with several poles, hung on them; the scenery in Kesennuma.

Scenery has each of limit because our eyes can see only 60degrees range. If we wanna see things out of that 60d, things which we had seen get out of our sight. And if we wanna be close to them, the sight get much narrow relatively and we can’t see the panorama but only the details.
With this installation, stopped the moving of our necks and legs, we can get closer to the picture of scenery which’d have been around us there. It was one, which made me feel the distance and the range of sight. What I got interested in was the edges are to be connected to each other, so the picture showed the 360degrees of the scenery and it was exhibited with poles as rounding us.
Of course that this way is used for expressing the “now” of Kesennuma is really meaningful.

Portraits on 6F were very calm and mild, and we can know how students get closer and how much they had communicate with those who lived there from those pictures. Very simple arrangement. I mean I had the experience to see the reportage on 6F, and touched their expressing on 5F… Very thoughtful and fruitful exhibition, I think.

Anyway the act to go there for reportages is very meaningful, so that my writing is just only windy talks and nothing. But this exhibition gave me a satisfaction to go to see the reportage.