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野口種苗 野口のタネ 野口種苗研究所He tells so important things even from the point of view of theory. Sometimes political matters make me silent and think over, though, it's because


Cut from "索漠"(仮). No.057What does it mean to take pictures without thinking anything while walking around and talking with people? Many take pictures themselves each other, and enjoy looking at these.


WaterWhen we clean our HDD or SD cards, we have to face a lot of pictures which we don't remember when nor where we took them, and they force us remind what happened at that time when we took the picture,

from our conversation Dec08/2012

Conversation last night; Should be those who can make under any psychiatric condition. Works'd not be done with nor from that condition. She told if I can take some good pieces under awful mental condition,

Modern or Post-Modern?

Photography is the media that appeared mid 19C, the era which "Science" started to lead the world as one of the ideology after IR. The modern art was also born around this period. It might be difficult